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The LOUDEST, most controversial product ever. A broadway musical online business tutorial. Nuff said.

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The Skeptics watch Jamie lewis take a lie detector test in the sales video.

Offer converts like fire. Check out the JV page for $2.15 EPC proof. Earn 70% + $97 downsell!
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This is the hottest, hardcore and unrestricted Beat Machine on the entire Internet.

Complete with marketplace, where you can sell your own beats that you make, MMM comes with over 1000 sounds and works standalone AND online.
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PlayAnythingOnDrums is here. This mega converter has taken over the "drums lessons" niche. The price is set for $27 at 70% rev share giving you $16 a sale plus $35 commission for upsell. This website sells easy with a powerful sales and demo video, killer graphics, and a valuable product. Conversions are killer. Earn 70%
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I provide a learning environment to those who would like learn how to build a business by publishing their artistic, literary and visual creation using ethical methods online and off for an affordable price.

Classes are taught by myself, Jamie lewis alongside my alumni students live via Webinar.  Students of mine will learn a variety of topics and be given a chance to interact with me via Webinar.

A 12 class, (24 hours total) course is $39.00 one time fee. For $39.00 you can attend 12 classes either on Tuesday or Thursday for 12 weeks. There is a $197.00 optional upgrade at the time of purchase where you can attend all classes and download additional case studies on video. Earn 70%
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Coach Christy coaches football and will show you how to coach too!

4 time Regional champion and National runner up provides a complete package of video tutorials that converts like nothing you have ever seen before.

An untapped, highly monetized niche is sure to put a smile on your face.

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